Mental Wellness Audit

Have you been taking psychiatric medications and continue to have little to no improvement? Are you tired of the side effects of psychiatric medications, and wondering if there is another way to achieve mental wellness? Have you wondered if there were easier ways to cope with stress, stabilize your mood, and reduce anxiety naturally.

Naturally Revitalize Me is a virtual mental health nutrition and coaching business that focuses on root causes that may be compromising your emotional well-being. The Mental Wellness Audit will help you connect the dots on various aspects of your health and lifestyle habits that may be contributing to your mental decline. 

Need A Mental Wellness Audit?

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Mental Wellness Audit May Be A Good Fit For Individuals Who:


  • Understands the path to improve emotional wellbeing and wellness is not through a quick fix.
  • Are ready to make lifestyle changes and move beyond psychotropic medications to improve mental wellness.
  • Exhausted the conventional psychiatric model of care, taking psychotropic medications, and still not feeling better.
  • Understands that to reclaim your health and mental wellness, it may require financial investment at the beginning of your journey to reduce unnecessary medical bills down the road.
  • Has access to a computer for online zoom video-based calls for individual sessions.

 Mental Wellness Audit May NOT Be A Good Fit For Individuals:

  • Looking for a quick fix.
  • Only interested in medications to treat psychiatric symptoms.
  • Not interested or ready to change lifestyle changes that will improve emotional well-being and stabilize mood
  • Looking for a provider to prescribe psychotropic medications.
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Mental Wellness Audit


  • Includes 45-minute consultation.
  • Receive an Action Plan or Roadmap of the core basics to stabilize mood and improve emotional wellbeing. This road map will be your action plan that addresses potential root causes of underlying issues contributing to mental health decline. The action plan will provide recommendations on lifestyle habits, nutrition, supplements, essential oils, testing, and strategies on how to reduce your toxic load. Most of all, the action plan will make healthy habits sustainable and “deliciously doable.”
  • Access to high quality supplments from Fullscript Dispensary and Doctor Supplement Store.

*Please be advised that the Mental Wellness Audit is for educational and informational purposes only. The consult is not for establishing patient care or ongoing treatment.




  • Debit/Credit Card
  • HSA and FSA accepted

Are you ready to take back control of your mental health? If yes, click “I’m Ready” to book a MENTAL WELLNESS AUDIT.