Nutritional Psychiatry

Are you utterly exhausted, stressed, anxious, and depressed?

Are you having trouble falling and staying asleep despite feeling exhausted? Are you tired of trying multiple psychiatric medications, suffering unpleasant side effects that interfere with your quality of life, or feeling overmedicated at times?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions and want to take less psychiatric medications or prefer a natural approach, then my practice may be a good fit for you.

Is Naturally Revitalize Me a good fit for you?

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Naturally Revitalize Me Nutritional Psychiatry Practice may be a good fit for individuals:


  • Understands the path to improve emotional wellbeing and wellness is not through a quick fix.
  • Not interested in starting medication, but instead looking to reduce or taper off psychotropic medications.
  • Ready to make lifestyle changes and move beyond psychotropic medications to improve mental wellness.
  • Exhausted the conventional psychiatric model of care and still not feeling better.
  • Taking psychotropic medications and feel like you are getting worse instead of better.
  • Have access to a computer for online zoom video-based calls for individual session.
  • Prepared to make an investment in your mental well-being.

Naturally Revitalize Me Nutritional Psychiatry Practice may NOT be a good fit for individuals:

  • Looking for a quick fix.
  • Actively using illicit substances.
  • Only interested in medications to treat psychiatric symptoms.
  • Not interested or ready to change lifestyle changes that will improve emotional well-being and stabilize mood.
  • Looking for a provider to prescribe psychotropic medications.
  • Interested only in face to face or in-person visits.
  • Not interested or willing to invest in their health.
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45-Minute Mental Wellness Audit


Not sure if Nutritional Psychiatry  is a good fit for you?  Sign-up for a 45-Minute Mental Wellness Audit!

Comprehensive Mental Health and Wellness

Initial Evaluation


Initial Session (75 minutes) Ages 18 – 64

  • Includes initial appointment, time spent reviewing your completed extensive comprehensive  mental health and wellness assessment form, labs, and any additional information submitted before our first appointment. I want to have a deeper understanding of your physical and mental health status. My goal is to restore luster, confidence, and mental vitality.
  • Medication review & tapering.
  • Investigate your history thoroughly.
  • Order labs and other functional tests to check your vitamin and mineral status, food sensitivity, thyroid health, heavy metal status, gut function, etc.
  • Analyze your way of life; assess the efficacy of the current psychiatric medications you are taking, with the option to reduce or taper as needed.
  • Design a personalized wellness plan to help you feel calm, healthy, and vibrant.

If you are ready to get started, click “Yes, I’m Interested” to complete the pre-screening form.

**Please be advised that nutritional psychiatry services are only available to residents of Oregon and Arizona.

60-Minute Extended Follow-up Session

(for established clients only)



  • Evaluate progress in personalized action plan, challenges, and make adjustments as needed
  • Review test results
  • Mental wellness coaching
  • Provide support




30-Minute Focused Follow-up Session

(for established clients only)


  • Address focused issues
  • Mental wellness coaching
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45 Minutes

  • Discuss suggestions on how to optimize current dietary habits to support mental wellness
  • Discuss strategies on how to reduce heavy metals and toxic chemical exposure to improve emotional and physical well-being toxins.
  • Discuss potential root causes that may be contributing to or worsening mood
  • Provide a Roadmap on the core basics on how to stabilize mood and improve emotional well-being

*Please be advised that the non-patient consult is for educational and informational purposes only. The consult is not for establishing patient care or ongoing treatment.


your pathway to mental vitality

Are you ready to take back control of your mental health and move beyond psychotropic medications? Book a 60-minute  Mental Wellness Audit to learn solutions you may be missing.

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Because insurance companies can dictate your care, limit treatments, and time spent with clients, I have decided not to accept insurance of any kind. I prefer to keep your information confidential, spend quality time with clients so I can design a personalized treatment plan.




  • Debit/Credit Card
  • HSA and FSA accepted

Booking Considerations

If you are in crisis, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.