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“This program was amazing! It covered a number of things in a short amount of time! I learned about the best foods to eat, the best daily activities & habits to put into practice and the best supplements and personal products to buy in order to support good gut health. I also learned how to evaluate my lifestyle to make changes that will secure a healthy future. It was great! Rebecca Faulkner, a certified nurse practitioner and experienced healthcare professional, is passionate about helping you make those changes at your own pace. If you have “gut issues” or just want to know how to live cleaner and better, this is the program for you! You won’t regret you signed up!

Beverly Blackwell, RN, MS

“Gut Health Jumpstart has given me a newfound hope and restoration in my health. It provided me with the tools that I needed to be successful and stay successful. I am thankful for the well-thought-out, organized plan. As a busy mother and wife, this plan is attainable and easy to incorporate within my busy schedule. Thank you for the great service.”

-Saran Johnson, RN

whole person care therapy
functional psychiatry patient

“I was having some gut issues for quite some time and was introduced to some products by Rebecca Faulkner, which took care of the problem without any side effects. Anyone who suffered like I did should really give them a try. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.